Work, Energy and Power (O Level)

This topic covers “Work, Energy and Power” of O Level Physics. (Equivalent to American high school diploma) Sub-Topics: Energy Case Study 1: Energy Conversion for An Oscillating Ideal Pendulum Case Study 2: Energy Conversion for A Bouncing Ball Worked Examples for Energy Work Worked Examples for Work Power Quiz: Work, Energy and Power Quiz

UY1: Temperature Scales

(1) The Fahrenheit Scale – Invented by Gabriel Fahrenheit (1686 – 1736) – Between 1708 – 1724, he discovered ways to make high quality liquid-in-glass thermometers and proposed the following fixed points to standardise measurements. Two fixed points: – Melting point of ice: 32°F – Boiling point of water: 212°F   (2) The Celsius Scale – Invented by Anders Celsius …

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Internal Energy

Internal Energy Every particle in a body has potential energy, due to their state and position, and, kinetic energy, due to their motion. Collectively, the sum of these energies is called the internal energy of the body. Potential energy of particles in a body tends to be small and does not change very much, a change in internal energy is …

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My Homemade Solar Panel

The purpose of this post is to show you how easy it is to make a FUNCTIONING solar panel with common materials!And of course, to provide you with the necessary information about building one! Note: my solar panel is a very very basic one. I will elaborate more later. Things You Will Need: Acrylic Sheets (CLEAR – Size up to …

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Potential Difference

When a torch bulb is connected to a battery, the torch bulb gets lit. The battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy and is therefore a source of electrical energy. The torch bulb converts electrical energy into heat and light and is therefore a sink of electrical energy. Dissipation of electrical energy between two points (e.g. across torch bulb) in …

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Work, Energy And Power

This topic covers “Work, Energy and Power” of A Level Physics. (Equivalent to Advanced Placement) Sub-Topics: Isolated & non-isolated system Internal Forces and External Forces WEP Derivation of kinetic energy equation Derivation of gravitational potential energy equation Questions: (With Worked Solutions) Set 1