Dropbox – An online cloud storage service

Dropbox is a freemium cloud storage service which has an excellent desktop sync client. I have been using dropbox since 2011 and I am extremely satisfied with the service. I have mostly been using it as a cloud storage device, accessing my files on dropbox from my smartphone.

– 2 GB free space which can be expanded by referring others
– Desktop sync client
– Mobile app clients to retrieve your files on dropbox on the go

– The next tier of storage comes in at 50 GB for $9.95 per month. (A bit pricey)

Referral Bonus:
– 250 MB for each person who joins (Up to 8 GB)
– If you have an .edu email account, each referral WILL net you an additional 250 MB. (500 MB for each referral, up to 16 GB!!!)
– The friend who uses your referral link to sign up gets an additional 250 MB too!

If you are interested in dropbox, I would appreciate it if you would use my referral link to sign up: http://db.tt/EYYi5Xo. You will gain an additional 250 MB as well! Thank you!

Sign up instructions:

  1. Register for your own dropbox account
  2. Download and install the dropbox sync client
  3. Sign in to your dropbox account within the sync client
  4. Drag folders/files into dropbox to sync (The initial upload may take some time)

For more space on your dropbox, you can visit this link: https://www.dropbox.com/free

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