Education? Do I Need It?

This post is aimed at clearing some of the misconceptions about the alleged benefits of rejecting a proper education.



From the article on dealing with exam stress, we have:

$$\begin{aligned} \text{Education} \, &= \text{Exams} \\ \text{Exams} \, &= \text{Stress} \\ \text{Education} &= \text{Stress}? \end{aligned}$$

Since $\text{Stress} = \text{Bad}$, we have $\text{Education} = \text{Bad}$? We tend to get rid of bad things, so do we get rid of school?


Education? Can I drop out of school?

First of all, you must realize that education is important (drilled into you by school authorities since you are a toddler). But, good grades cannot guarantee success. Similarly, poor grades do not mean a poor life. History has seen many examples. One of the most prominent examples is Steve Jobs. He was a college dropout. But, he is one of the most successful people this planet has ever seen. It might seem that your grades do not have any significant impact on your future. Picture this scenario. When your parents or teachers ask you to study, you might say:

“Look at all these examples! Why should I study? I am wasting my time on my studies! Preparing for exams, doing homework. I might not even use any of the knowledge that I have gained! There are medical doctors who succeed as singers. There are engineers who succeed as writers and directors. School is useless!”

There is something wrong in that outburst. What is wrong? You have overlooked one very important point – something critical to their success. Success comes to those who have put in the effort. All of them put in their 110% effort. That is why they succeed even though they took the road less well-travelled. Success is about passion, knowledge, desire, and inspired action. (You might say luck but let’s ignore that for now.)


Important Note: (You can skip this note and come back to it later)

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Success implies that effort had been put in (aka $\text{Success} \, \Rightarrow \, \text{Effort Detected}$). But, effort does not imply success. Even though you have put in the effort, success is still far from your grasp. Do not be disheartened. Don’t Quit.


What is school life about?

School life is not about success. School life is also not about collecting good grades to put in your resume. School life is definitely not a place for you to waste your life away. School life is about education. We go to school to learn new concepts and the most important concept that you can take away from your school life is not the knowledge of the subjects. What can it be? It is the ability to learn independently. They have learnt how to learn. But, have you learn how to learn?


However, an educated mind cannot live with a stressful heart. Before we can have full utilization of the knowledge (of independent learning), fear and stress must be destroyed completely. How do you deal with all that stress? The post on “Coping With Exam Stress” will guide you.


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