Quantum Physics and Its Tie to Metaphysical Possibilities

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Note: This is metaphysics. If you are studying for ‘A’ level, do not read this. (you may be confused)

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Do you remember a time in your life when things fascinated you? Do you recall being in awe when discovering new ideas, information or something really cool?

Children have a natural fascination and approach to life. Their enthusiasm for adventure is awesome, while many adults, as they grow older, lose interest and excitement for living. Nothing excites. Nothing surprises.

Well, there are a few things that fascinate me and I will highlight four of them here. These are scientific in nature, and I’ll even tell you why they excite me!

1. Nonlocality. In quantum physics, nonlocality means that in real experiments, you can separate a photon (particle of light) and send one particle in one direction and the other in another direction, and yet, these photons still communicate as if they are one. Both know what the other is doing. In other words, though separated, they are one.

Implication – Now, the reason this fascinates me is because of the spiritual and metaphysical implications here. It shows connection. All of us are made of energy (photons) and are connected at that level. From a psychic standpoint, this might explain why we, as humans, can pick up on each other’s thoughts, feelings, and actions from a distance at times. We are connected and the nonlocality of our beings links us together whether we like it or not.

2. Wave/particle duality – In quantum physics it’s a fact that light can either be a wave or a particle. An an electron, which used to be thought of as a particle only, can also be a wave. In fact, everything in life is both wave and particle in nature. Where it gets difficult to see that is in bigger, more solid objects like people, houses, rocks and buildings. Because of mass, we can’t always appreciate the “wave” of an object.

Implication – However, even though we may not appreciate the “wave” characteristic of our beings, I believe the waves are present in consciousness; in the mind; the thinking and the metaphysical senses we possess. With our wave force, I believe we can manipulate and affect energy (both light and solids.) Examples of this can be seen through prayer, meditation, visualization and magick.

3. The double-slit experiment – There was an experiment done with light waves sent through one slit on some sort of board. Then the same wave hit a second board which had double slits. At this point, the light had to make a decision to separate, in a sense, to go through both slits. On the other side, it united again and then hit its destination as one point and in one form. What they found is quantum entities travel as waves, but arrive as particles.

Implication – Once again, this is exciting. From a purely metaphysical nature, our thought waves are made of some sort of energy. Reduce it down and it’s of the quantum nature (the smallest of small). As we project our thoughts through the universe, we are sending out waves. I believe thoughts are things too (particles) but we determine how we will make those thoughts (waves) form into a specific reality (particles) on the other side of our thinking.

4. Observation changes outcome – Another crazy thing about the quantum world is the fact that it’s unpredictable. The observer can actually affect the observation. It’s as if the particles know they are being watched and change form and outcome as determined by the observer.

Implication – From a purely metaphysical standpoint this allows us to see the power of our conscious observation on any person, place or thing. Since everything is made of energy, we can affect changes on those energy forms by observation, focus and will.

So, this is why quantum physics is fascinating to me. It opens up the unseen world in a way nothing else does. Until people understand the nature of light, and their own abilities to affect energy, the fascination will be at a minimum. Open your mind to these possibilities and the child in you will get really excited, too!


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