Practice MCQs For Thermal Physics

This quiz contains practice questions for GCE ‘O’ level topic: Thermal Physics. There are explanations for some of the questions after you submit the quiz. If you could not figure out why a particular option is the answer, feel free to drop a comment below or ask a question in ‘O’ & ‘A’ Level Discussion section of the forum. If you wish to contribute questions to this quiz, please contact us.

The quiz comprises of 10 questions, which are randomly selected from a large pool of questions. After completion, you can refresh the page and try the quiz again for a new set of 10 questions.

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1. Which of the following DOES NOT result in faster speed of response of a thermometer?

2. In an oil refinery, petrol storage tanks are painted with light colour to reduce

3. Which instrument is most suitable for measuring a rapidly changing temperature?

4. When substance A and B are both heated with the same heater, the temperature of A rises faster than that of B. What can we conclude about A and B?

5. An axle is too large to fit into the hole in a wheel that is made of the same metal.

How can the axle be made to fit into the hole?

6. A teacher has a large tank of water in which he wants to set up a convection current.

Which of the following arrangements would do this?

7. Many gas appliances such as ovens and heaters use a small flame to ignite the main burner.

In order to make sure that the small flame is burning, a temperature-measuring device is inserted into the flame.

What is the most suitable device to use?

8. Which of the following statements is true in relation to the transfer of energy?

9. A rod of metal is heated at one end.

Which statement best describes the conduction of heat through the metal?

10. A student investigates changes that may take place as sulphur solidifies. Which of the following correctly describes these changes?


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