Auroras – Dancing Lights


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The Aurora Borealis shines above Bear Lake


Brief Explanation:

The Sun rely on nuclear fusion to survive, and during the process, high energy particles are carried away by the solar wind. The high energy particles are brought to Earth and they interacted with the Earth’s magnetic field. The interaction causes high voltage current to be formed. The electrons are then accelerated and funneled down to the ionosphere, where they ionized the nitrogen and oxygen molecules. When the ionized molecules regained their lost electrons/return to ground state, photons are emitted. These photons are what you see as auroras.

Interesting fact: There are two names for auroras- aurora borealis and aurora australis. Aurora borealis is used for the auroras in the northern hemisphere, while aurora australis is used for the auroras in the southern hemisphere.
Longer Explanation for Aurora:


Video of Aurora


Pictures of Aurora

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Aurora Viewed From Space:

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