Non-Newtonian Fluids – Walking on water


Brief Explanation

A non-newtonian fluid is a type of fluid whose viscosity changes based on the amount of stress applied on the fluid. When the contestants in the video step on the fluid, the stress of the sudden incoming step results in the molecules of the fluid to rearrange themselves into a molecular structure similar to a solid. In this way, they are able to walk on the fluid.

However, if they stand still on the fluid, they will sink immediately. This is because without stress, the molecules of the fluid are back in the arrangement of a liquid.

There are 2 types of non-newtonian fluid that reacts with the amount of stress applied.

  • One which will become more solid with the application of stress.(viscosity increase with increased stress)
  • The other type will become more fluid with the application of stress.(viscosity decrease with increased stress) (e.g. Ketchup)

You can make your own non-newtonian fluid similiar to the one shown in the video at home! You just need to add 2 parts of Corn Flour to 1 part of water.Happy playing!

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  1. i've seen the mythbusters do something similar on their ninja episode – when they were trying to bust the myth of walking on water. they used the first type, naturally.


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