Why Do Metals Feel Colder Than Plastics In Air-con?


In an air-conditioned room, a metal box and a plastic box both have the same temperature. Yet, why does the metal box feel colder?


The perceived difference in temperature between the metal and plastic boxes stems from their distinct thermal conductivity properties. While both materials may possess the same internal temperature, their ability to conduct heat varies significantly, influencing the sensation experienced upon contact.

Understanding Thermal Conductivity

  1. Metal’s High Conductivity:
    • Efficient Heat Transfer: Metal, characterized by high thermal conductivity, facilitates rapid heat transfer. When touched, the metal box efficiently conducts heat away from the skin, resulting in a perceptible cooling sensation.
  2. Plastic’s Insulating Nature:
    • Heat Retention Capability: Conversely, plastic serves as an insulator, exhibiting low thermal conductivity. As a result, the plastic box minimizes heat transfer and effectively retains the heat generated by the hand, maintaining a relatively neutral temperature sensation.

Perception vs. Reality

  1. Subjective Sensations:
    • Perceived Temperature Difference: Despite the internal temperatures of the metal and plastic boxes being identical, the subjective perception of temperature varies due to the differential heat transfer rates influenced by their thermal properties.


The sensation of coldness experienced when touching a metal object in comparison to a plastic object, despite their equal internal temperatures, underscores the significance of thermal conductivity in tactile perception. Understanding the interplay between material properties and heat transfer dynamics provides valuable insights into everyday sensory experiences, illuminating the multifaceted nature of thermal interactions in our surroundings.

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