Advantages And Disadvantages Of Going Solar


  • Save electricity bills over a period of 25 YEARS! With commercial solar panels, you will get back your initial investment within 5 to 8 years! Depending on the solar conditions of your location.
  • Saving the Earth – Solar Power is clean, renewable and sustainable. It helps to reduce greenhouse gas emission
  • Passive – Low maintenance. Once installed, will keep generating electricity to offset your electricity bills. 
  • Scalable – More solar panels can be installed at a later time.
  • Eligible for financial incentives(in certain countries/states). It can help to offset a huge percentage of your initial cost. This will make going solar a lot more affordable.


  • High initial cost
  • Electricity generation is affected by the presence of cloud cover or haze/smog in the area.
  • No electricity will be produced at night. Hence, a backup generator or battery bank will be needed to power up your home at night.
  • The cells are extremely fragile. 

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