O Level Physics

Revision notes for O level Physics coursework

The notes available here are great for revision and studying on the go. The O Level Physics content here is equivalent to the Physics required to obtain American high school diploma. If this is too basic for you, you can read up on A Level Physics (equivalent to Advanced placement) Most of the topics have multiple-choice questions (MCQs) quiz for you to practice. The list with all the quizzes can be found here.

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  1. Can I get all this excellent stuff / study material in a PDF format??.. Plz do send me at my email : harisprince439@gmail. com

  2. Hello, doing great job here.

    Would be glad if the site admin and website managers can add the ‘Search’ engine tool to the site. It’d be great.

    Thanks. Gracias amigo.

    • Do you mean Fleming left hand rule?
      Fleming left hand rule is used to find motion.
      just remember FBI, where F is motion B is magnetic field and I is the direction of current.
      Right hand rule is used for a.c. circuits and used to find direction of current I think.

  3. i would thank you very much, as they are very helpful to me .
    except CRO (cathode ray oscilloscope) .which is not clear to me .
    i would like you to provide it it too.

  4. Thank you so much for this. You deserve a lot more appreciation rather than the people who simply come and leech off your notes. Here’s to showing you the appreciation and gratitude you deserve πŸ™‚


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