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  1. Can anybody answer the following question pls:
    A 100 g mass is suspended from a spring next to a vertical metre rule. The top of the spring is level with the 0.0cm mark. The bottom of the spring is level with the 27.2 cm mark. The 100g mass is replaced with a 600g mass. The length of the spring is now 89.7cm. The spring has not reached the limit of proportionality. The 600g mass is replaced with a 200g mass. What is the length of the spring?

  2. Please upload notes for ionic, covalent and metallic bindings and also upload the rest of the topics. These are the best of all notes.

  3. there are topics in chemistry which do not open
    1: Purification of substances
    2: Metals
    3: Organic Chemistry
    please make them available ASAP.

  4. A cube of wood has a volume of 0.2cm3 and density of 600kg/m3. It is then placed in a liquid of 800kg/m3 density.
    What fraction of the volume of the wood would be inmersed in the liquid?

  5. An alloy of copper and tin has volume of 100ml. The density of copper is 8.90g/ml and of tin is 7.30g/ml while of alloy is 7.62g/ml. What is the volume of each metal?


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