Meissner effect. – The art of levitation

The Art Of Levitation?

The “metal” below is a superconductor that has been cooled by liquid nitrogen to below its transition temperature. The spinning cube above is a magnet. The magnetic field of the magnet is being expelled from the interior of the superconductor, hence levitating the magnet.

Brief explanation of what a superconductor actually is:
A superconductor is a type of material that will exhibit zero electrical resistance below a certain characteristic transistion temperature. Above that temperature, a superconductor exhibit resistances like normal conductors.
Because of the useful zero electrical resistance, large amount of current can be delivered through superconductors. If the same amount of current is delivered through a normal wire, the wire would have heated up so much that it will melt.

Another video:

Uses of meissner effect: (Model Maglev Train)

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