Steps To Solve Projectile Motion Questions

  1. Make a clearly labelled sketch of the projectile motion.
  2. If you are given the initial velocity, resolve it into its x and y components.
  3. Analyze the horizontal and vertical motion separately.
  4. Decide on your sign convention. (Are you taking upwards or downwards as positive?)
  5. Recall: Acceleration is always taken as 9.81 m s-2 and is directed downwards. When an object is at its highest point of motion, its vertical velocity is always zero. The horizontal component of a projectile remains unchanged throughout the flight.
  6. Apply the relevant kinematics equations. (Think for a minute before jumping into the equations. A little planning goes a long way. Remember to take sign conventions into consideration!)


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  1. i love the way you give your steps but it does not come with diagram you people should try and give diagram in your steps to enable fast learning


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