Contribute To Science With BOINC!

Boinc st

Have you ever wish that you are a scientist working hard at the cutting edge of research? Do you want to help humanity progress in the forefront of science? Now you can! And all you need is a working computer/ mobile device and BOINC! Introduction To BOINC BOINC stands for Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing. BOINC is an open-source system …

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Education? Do I Need It?

This post is aimed at clearing some of the misconceptions about the alleged benefits of rejecting a proper education.   From the article on dealing with exam stress, we have: $$\begin{aligned} \text{Education} \, &= \text{Exams} \\ \text{Exams} \, &= \text{Stress} \\ \text{Education} &= \text{Stress}? \end{aligned}$$ Since $\text{Stress} = \text{Bad}$, we have $\text{Education} = \text{Bad}$? We tend to get rid of …

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How to Deal With Exam Stress?

This post is about helping you deal with study stress. The methods might work for you or it might not. Everyone is different. You will just have to find and personalize your own methods for coping with stress. Studying is a stressful activity. Whether you are a high school student or you are pursuing a career in the medical profession, …

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Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are formed from the remains of organic materials such as zooplankton and algae that lived and died about 100 to 400 million years ago when part of the Earth was covered with huge swampy forests. These remains settled to the bottom of those swamps and are buried under anoxic (lack of dissolved oxygen) conditions. As more and more layers …

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Auroras – Dancing Lights

aurora featured

Introduction In the grand cosmic ballet, our celestial powerhouse, the Sun, undergoes a fascinating process of nuclear fusion to sustain itself. This intricate dance releases high-energy particles into space, riding the solar wind’s currents as they embark on a cosmic journey towards Earth. Upon reaching our planet, these charged particles engage in a mesmerizing interaction with Earth’s magnetic field, setting …

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Electrolysis Of Water

electrolysis of water

The fascinating process of electrolysis reveals the elemental dance within water molecules, transforming them into hydrogen and oxygen. Pure water, a covalent compound, is known to be a poor conductor of electricity. However, the introduction of impurities or ions, such as sodium ions, unlocks the conductivity potential of water, setting the stage for this intriguing chemical reaction. The Electrolysis Ballet: …

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Should I study physics in university?

Am I suitable to study physics in university? Should I study physics in the university? What can I expect to encounter as a physics major? How is physics in the university like? I am sure these questions are on the mind of any potential physics undergraduate. This post is meant to give you a rough idea of physics in university …

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