Properties Of Waves

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Amplitude is the maximum displacement from the rest or central position, in either directions.



Frequency (f) is defined as the number of complete waves produced per unit time.

  • SI unit is hertz (Hz) – 1 Hz = 1 complete cycle per second
  • Scalar quantity
  • Determined by the source (for water waves)



Wavelength (λ) is the distance between corresponding points of two consecutive waves.

  • SI unit is metre
  • Scalar quantity



Speed of the wave propagation is defined as the distance travelled by a wave per unit time.

  • SI unit is metre per second (m s-1)
  • Scalar quantity



Period (T) is defined as the time taken to produce one complete wave.

  • SI unit is second (s)
  • Scalar quantity
  • $T = \frac{1}{f}$



Velocity is the distance travelled by a wave in one second.

  • SI unit is metres per second (m s-1)
  • Vector quantity
  • $v = f \lambda$ (Important!)


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