Ways to charge conductors

By conduction(contact)

charging by contact


  • A metal sphere with an excess of negative charge is brought near to a neutral object.
  • Upon contact, electron move from the sphere to the object and spread about uniformly.
  • The metal sphere now has less excess negative charge and the object now has a negative charge.

By induction

charging by induction
You will require two conductors


  • When a positively charged rod is brought near to a neutral metal sphere, it induces negative charges on the side nearest to the rod and positive charges on the sphere’s far side,
  • The metal sphere is earthed (by touching or via an earthing wire). Sufficient electrons flow up from the ground through the finger/earthing wire to the metal sphere.
  • When the finger/earthing wire is removed, only induced negative charges remained on the sphere.
  • Finally, when the rod is removed, the remaining negative charges spread themselves out evenly over the metal sphere.


It does not matter where the earth connection is made!

By charging by high D.C.

charging using high dc

Earthing refers to the process of connecting the conductor to earth by a conducting wire.

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