Practice On Finding The Zero Error Of A Vernier Caliper

Assuming that the jaws of the vernier calipers are tightly closed, find the zero error of the vernier calipers below.

If you encounter any difficulties or have forgotten how to read a vernier caliper, you can visit How to read a vernier caliper.

zero error 1

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$$-0.06 \text{cm}$$

zero error 2

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$$+0.06 \text{cm}$$

zero error 3

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$$-0.04 \text{cm}$$

zero error 4

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$$+0.03 \text{cm}$$

zero error 5

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$$-0.03 \text{cm}$$

zero error 6

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$$+0.10 \text{cm}$$


Vernier Caliper Practice:


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15 thoughts on “Practice On Finding The Zero Error Of A Vernier Caliper”

  1. Can someone tell how to find zero error in a vernier Caliper . I don’t understand. Pls help thank you

    • Beacause it is counted from backwards and the line which correspobds is the 10th line which is also know as 0.10 cm (from right to left

  2. I understood positive zero error’s measurements but I don’t know how you find out all of the above negative zero errors. Suppose in the top most figure, zero error should have been -0.04cm as 4th line of vernier scale is in line with main scale, not the 6th one, so how did you calculate it to be 0.06cm. Could you explain it please?


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