Electric power and energy

Electrical energy is easily converted to other forms of energy by operation of different electrical appliances, but unsafe use of electricity causes electric fire and shock, that might lead to serious injuries or even death to users.

Using fuses, circuit breakers, switches and earthing wires in electrical appliances are safety features in preventing both electrical fire and shock.

Heating effect of electricity

  • Current flowing through a large resistor, converts electrical energy into heat (thermal) energy. This is the heating effect of electric current.
  • This heating effect concept is used in all the heat-generating household appliances such as electric kettle, ovens, heaters, iron, hair dryers, toasters and electric cookers etc.
  • These electrical appliances have a heating element which is made of high resistance, such as nichrome wire. The amount of heating effect is controlled by varying the amount of current flowing through the heating element.
  • Apart from heating effect, electric current also has effects in magnetic and chemical (as in electrolysis) from.

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