UY1: Mechanics

This section deals with Mechanics at a level slightly higher than pre-university and is tailored towards first year Physics majors. This is a very simple introduction to Classical Mechanics.



Newton’s Law Of Motion

Work & Energy:

Linear Momentum:

Centre Of Mass


Derivation Of Moment Of Inertia Of Common Shapes:

Rotational Dynamics

 Angular Momentum

To Be Added:

– Static Equilibrium And Elastic Property Of Matter

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  1. Pls,who can solve this question under bernoulli’s equation…
    1.A dam hold back a water in a lake.if the dam has a small hole 1.4 below the surface of the lake,at what speed does water exit the hole?
    2.A hose lying on the ground has water coming out of it at a speed of 5.4m/ lift a nozzle of th hose to a height of 1.3m above the what speed does the water now come out of the hose?


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